In 1984 Cynel Unipress started producing multicore tin-lead solders, offering a wide range of alloys and wire diameters.

Development of the technology for production of this type of soldering was the result of many years of research done by specialists of the Department of High Pressure Physics and Polish Academy of Sciences in the field of plasticity of materials and their formation under high pressure.

Cynel Unipress was the world's first company to apply this technology in the production of solder.

Cynel Unipress’ products have been widely recognized and used by many manufacturers of electronic, television, telecommunication, electrical and lighting equipment as well as many other industries.

Experience and tradition of Cynel Unipress allows us to offer our products to all those for whom a quick, reliable and precise soldering in the environment of non-corrosive flux is an essential part of their process.

On 30 March 2000, our company was certified with ISO 9002 Quality System.

Our organization has been interested in taking environmentally friendly and decisive actions for several years.

In 2001, we began monitoring the impact of our activities and products on the environment, bearing in mind our policy and environmental objectives.

We have taken these steps as a result of an increasingly stringent legislation concerning the environment which is shaped by country’s economic policies, and also because of the overall increase in concern for both parties involved in the affairs of the environment as well as sustainable development of the organization.

Quality management system compliant with PN-EN ISO 9002:1994 was implemented in our company since 2000, the provisions of which expired at the end of 2003.

However, the introduction of a quality system conforming to the above mentioned standard has brought tangible benefits for business growth and improvement of the quality of our products.

Therefore, the organization's management decided to continue the operation of the quality management system and so expand an environmental management system.

Hence, Cynel Unipress introduced the Integrated Management System compliant with the standards of BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996 which was certified by BUREAU VERITAS POLAND in mid-2004.

Certificate ISO 9001:2000 - Quality Management Systems

Certificate BS EN ISO 14001:1996 - Environmental management systems

Certificates are valid up to 13th of September 2013.