1. General characteristics

TE-410 flux is an alcoholic solution containing mixture of organic acids and their esters.

TE-410 flux has been developed and manufactured according to PN EN 29454:2000 standard, 2.2.3-a notation.

2. Physical and chemical characteristics

a) base: alcoholic
b) colour: colourless
c) density in 20°C: 0,806 g/cm3
d) density variation: 0,001/°C
e) solid bodies contents: up to 3%
f) halides contents: 0%
g) fire point: 21°C
h) water washability: no
i) alcohol washability: very good

3. Instructions for use

TE-410 flux is assigned for use with every spread system (foaming, spraying, soaking) in single or double wave soldering systems and in static baths and crucibles.

Density of the preparation must be regularly monitored and kept within the range from 0.8 to 0.81 g/cm3 , through the right proportioning of RT thinner with a rated density of 0.785 g/cm3 in 20°C.

After the flux is spread on the circuit, heat its upper surface to between 90 and 110°C in order to activate the flux properly.

Soldering dipper temperature should be kept within the range from 230°C to 245°C.

Depending on the circuit type, adjust feeder travelling speed from 0.8 to 2 m/min. The contact of soldering points with soldering dipper (wave) should not exceed three seconds.

4. Miscellaneous

As it is applied to all fluxing agents based on alcohol, TE-410 should also be used in well ventilated rooms, away from fire and sparking sources.

5. Packaging

Packed in plastic canisters with the capacity of 1, 5, 10 and 20 l.

6. Storage

Store in original, hermetic containers, in rooms with a temperature of about 20°C up to 6 months.