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Analysis of metal alloys
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The Quality Policy implemented by Cynel Unipress requires the entire production process (from the stage of raw materials supply to the packing of final products) to be subject to strict controls.

One of the elements of Quality Control System is to monitor the chemical composition of soldering alloys produced by our company.

For this purpose we use one of the most modern analytical technologies - computer spectrophotometry.

By using one of the most modern spark spectrometers, obtained data are very accurate and reliable.

So far this technology has been used solely for internal needs of our company. However, in order to meet the demand of our customers, we decided to make measuring equipment we have available to our clients.

Any solid, liquid or gas substance respectively energized emits radiation at different wavelengths.

This radiation is characteristic of the substance and form of its spectrum.

The emission spectrometer used by Cynel Unipress analyzes the spectrum of tested samples, i.e. identifies and measures the radiation emitted by them and on that basis determines their chemical composition.

The spark of the high voltage raises and causes evaporation of the material, whose composition must be determined.

Light emitted in this process includes the radiation of different elements present in the analyzed material.

The light intensity of each spectral line is proportional to the concentration of the element which emitted them.

The spectrometer divides and selects different spectral lines to be analyzed as well as determines their quantity.

This condition can be achieved using an optical device - polichromator.

A polichromator consists of an entrance slit, a diffraction grating, and a number of output slits, which correspond to the volume of the analyzed elements.

Photomultiplier set correctly for each output slit captures and measures the quantity of selected monochromatic light and converts it into an electrical signal, which is fortified and converted into a digital signal.

On its basis, a computer calculates the concentration of different elements.

The calibration is carried out according to certified standards.

Introducing curves and defining interfering elements takes place automatically without user’s intervention.

Thanks to this, analyses are always reliable, precise and performed thoroughly.


The device used by our company has been specifically designed for the foundry industry, which is where it is required to define the precise composition of the materials.

When smelting metals and alloys of a specified composition spectrometric analysis is very important.

Significant progress has been made in automating the process which is reflected in the speed of the analysis.

Routine quality control of semiproducts and final products can be made during as well as at the end of the production process using the emission spectrometer.

We have software to carry out the tin and lead alloys based analysis:

We welcome you to use any of our services.

We guarantee high quality as well as reliability and credibility of the results of the research obtained, affirmed by a certificate issued.

Please contact our Marketing Department if you have any questions regarding our services.