Cynel Unipress has been involved in the production of multi-core and monolithic binders for soldering, offering a wide range of types of alloys and fluxes since 1984. We owe our technology of production of this type of adhesives to specialists of the Department of High Pressure Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences.

Over the years we have gained experience and expertise that today allow us to provide services at an appropriate level.

To a large extent it is also the merit of our customers, who together with us have been looking for solutions to emerging technological problems.

It is thanks to ever-increasing demands and expectations of our clients that Cynel Unipress is today a leading manufacturer in the industry, and our efforts and striving to continuously enhance the quality of our products and services have been awarded the Certificate of Quality, System ISO 9002.

We will be honored to share our knowledge and experience with you as well as to assist you in improving your manufacturing technologies using solder technique.

Our specialists are at your service. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact our Marketing Department.