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Low silver (LOW-SAC) lead-free alloy in the form of solder bars, rods and wire for soldering applications in soldering aggregates.

  • Без свинца
  • Wave soldering
  • Selective soldering
  • Dipping soldering
  • Tinning

Product name: Sn99Cu0,7Ag0,3 (SAC0307, TSC)
Alloy designation in accordance with ISO 9453:2014:
Sn99Cu0,7Ag0,3 (501)
Product type: solder bars and rods, solder wire

1. General characteristics

The solder was produced in the first smelt of tin, silver and copper. The use of a continuous casting process ensures minimization of the generation of oxides in the solder. As a result, the phenomenon of the formation of dross in the soldering process is significantly reduced. The composition of the solder complies with the ISO 9453:2014 standard. The solder wire and bar meet the requirements of the RoHS2 Directive.

2. Chemical compositions, mass fraction in %

Sn Ag Cu Bi Sb Cd Au In Pb Al As Fe Ni Zn
rest 0,20 - 0,40 0,50 - 0,90 max 0,06 max 0,10 max 0,002 max 0,05 max 0,10 max 0,07 max 0,001 max 0,03 max 0,02 max 0,01 max 0,001

3. Physical characteristics

Melting point: (solidus / liquidus)217 / 227°C
Density7,33 g/cm3
Electrical conductivityno data
Thermal conductivityno data
Tensile strength300 kgf/cm2
Elongation at break22 %
Hardness14 HB
Suggested operating temperatures250 - 350°C

4. Other information

Available diameters

• 0,50 • 0,80 • 1,00 • 1,20 • 1,50 • 2,00 • 3,00

other on request

Available cross-sections and sizes of bars and rods
cross-sections sizes [mm] cartons
trapeze with a Ø18 mm process hole 10x40x400 mm 22 kg
rectangle 10x40x347 mm 25 kg
square 20x20x330 mm 25 kg

other on request

Expiration date not applicable
Label The product is marked by a type of alloy or acc. to customer requirements.
Cartons, reels marked with a type of alloy, sizes, lot number and net weight.
Storage Keep away from strong oxidizing agents, acids and alkaline agents. The recommended humidity level is 20-60% and temperature is 5 – 20 °C.

Files to download:

Sn99Cu0,7Ag0,3 - karta techniczna

Sn99Cu0,7Ag0,3 - karta charakterystyki

Physical, mechanical and chemical properties available in the TDS (download above).

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